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Form, Rendered

Created as one of three final projects at the end of my first semester in the Pratt Institute Digital Arts Masters program, FORM, RENDERED is an exploration and prototype of ideas I hope to further delve into.

"FORM, RENDERED asks participants to speak into a machine-- sharing a story or making any sound they see fit. As this happens a single generative 3D form is composed. Once this object has completed being constructed, it begins to display itself and while slowly rotating also play accompanying audio unique to that specific creation. The form takes its color from an averaging of the user input, and the timbre, melody, and tempo of the accompanying audio is drawn from the recorded user input over time and the resulting complexity of the 3D form. Each time a user hits a key to move on to building a new form an image is saved of the previous one, leaving a visual history of what has been contributed."

"The explorative nature of this piece leads to different modes of interaction of varying levels of significance. Some individuals may choose to use it as an amusement-- making different noises to try and create different rendered visuals and audio. Personally, I am interested in the idea of rendering something intangible such as a story, experience, or conversation into more "tangible" forms. Using the story as a seed for a more structured object or composition. It is my hope that rather than using the piece as a generative toy, they will reflect upon their own contribution with a greater weight having created a complex structured "object" representative of what they chose to share."

2012 Interactive installation. Pratt Digital Arts MFA project. Processing, Ableton Live

2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/form-001813.png: 2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/form-001813.png

2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/form-002186.png: 2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/form-002186.png

2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/form-003533.png: 2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/form-003533.png

2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/form-004823.png: 2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/form-004823.png

2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/form-006176.png: 2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/form-006176.png

2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/formbg.jpg: 2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/formbg.jpg

2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/thumb.jpg: 2013_full/img/portItems/formrendered/thumb.jpg