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Embrace / Smother

Created as one of three final projects at the end of my first semester in the Pratt Institute Digital Arts Masters program, EMBRACE / SMOTHER is shown here in a prototype deployment. If displayed in a different context the reactive image and sculptural element will be done differently.

"EMBRACE / SMOTHER creates an interactive visual and sonic metaphor for vulnerability and the act of the embrace."

"The viewer sees an anonymous figure, gesturally guarded. If the viewer chooses to approach the figure, he reveals himself-- visually embracing the participant. Accompanying this is a flourish of audio which runs from dissonant at the far end to energetic and hopeful at the other."

"Placed in front of the screen is a representative functional object that both holds holds the involved sensors and presents a bright glowing light which becomes brighter as the participant and figure grow closer. Along with the gesture and glowing light, as the two get closer, the visual space in which the figure resides gets smaller-- subtly compressing space and making the environment more intimate."

"If the viewer has been told to, or through exploration attempts to cup the glowing light in their hands the sonic pallet of the accompanying audio changes- it becomes muffled, smothered."

2012 Interactive installation. Pratt Digital Arts MFA project. Arduino, Processing, Ableton Live

2013_full/img/portItems/embracesmother/liveusage01.jpg: 2013_full/img/portItems/embracesmother/liveusage01.jpg

2013_full/img/portItems/embracesmother/object01.jpg: 2013_full/img/portItems/embracesmother/object01.jpg

2013_full/img/portItems/embracesmother/thumb.jpg: 2013_full/img/portItems/embracesmother/thumb.jpg

2013_full/img/portItems/embracesmother/use01.jpg: 2013_full/img/portItems/embracesmother/use01.jpg

2013_full/img/portItems/embracesmother/use03.jpg: 2013_full/img/portItems/embracesmother/use03.jpg