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Embrace Objects 1-3

The Embrace Objects (12”x12”x12”, Acrylic, Spandex, Custom electronics) reveal their relationship with the participant as they choose to engage with and approach the sculpture. Embrace Object 1 (Arousal) contorts and reaches out to meet with the viewer. Embrace Object 2 (Fantasy) displays its beauty from far away, glowing a vivid pink, but as the participant grows closer that desired quality extinguishes. directly connects anonymous participants— represented by the movements of their mouse cursors and expanding mesh connecting them, allowing for new forms of communication and exchange.

2014, 12"x12"x12", acrylic, spandex, custom electronics, Arduino

2013_full/img/portItems/embraceobjects1-3/Functional_Embrace_Doc-tosh-1.jpg: 2013_full/img/portItems/embraceobjects1-3/Functional_Embrace_Doc-tosh-1.jpg

2013_full/img/portItems/embraceobjects1-3/arousal-side.jpg: 2013_full/img/portItems/embraceobjects1-3/arousal-side.jpg

2013_full/img/portItems/embraceobjects1-3/arousal.jpg: 2013_full/img/portItems/embraceobjects1-3/arousal.jpg

2013_full/img/portItems/embraceobjects1-3/thumb.jpg: 2013_full/img/portItems/embraceobjects1-3/thumb.jpg