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Embrace Object 05

Embrace Object 5 is a reactive sculpture. Dormant and unassuming when left alone, minimal in form, as a participant chooses to approach, reach out, and embrace the sculpture, it attempts to do the same. The sculptures "desire" to form a connection with you manifests itself visually through organic deformations the clean rectangular lines of its dormant state begin to stretch outward to meet the participant. What previously was a static simple object immediately begins to exhibit significant personality, vocally whining as its mechanics grind, yearning to make a connection with the participant.

Using incoming Kinect depth array, the incoming information is segmented into 5 slices and averaged for each servo. These average values are sent to the Arduino to allow the sculpture to react, tracking both the left to right position of participants and their proximity.

2013 Kinectic Sculpture, 3'x1', Kinect, Arduino, Processing

2013_full/img/portItems/embrace05/Embrace_Object_5-07.JPG: 2013_full/img/portItems/embrace05/Embrace_Object_5-07.JPG

2013_full/img/portItems/embrace05/thumb.jpg: 2013_full/img/portItems/embrace05/thumb.jpg